February Resolve.


Wilsons Prom, Vic, Australia

So, yes, arguably it's a little overdue, however I read somewhere - and accepted entirely - that New Years resolutions in January are evil, destined to fail ultimatums ending with your whole mind, body and soul screaming, 'WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME MAN?!'.

'Ha, whatevs babe, that's as dumb as waiting 'til December to start decorating for Christmas...' I hear you say - not judging on that last bit, I totally understand those starting in August with the festive cheer thing... Steady there now, 'dumb'?! I think you mean, 'sheer genius' right?! Now hundreds of thousands would argue January 1st is the best time for getting that brand spanking new you feeling, but I imagine there is an equal number, who despite their (our) best efforts, making the mental list, saying 'you can do this!' then come the first day of the fresh start set one foot out of bed and quickly change their mind. Mmm, maybe for those not convinced, I'll explain the 'hows' and 'huh?' about my new converted way of thinking.

Taking into consideration the current thang that is 'mindfulness', my interpretation for this being that if you're not in the right mindset, you ain't going to be achieving those goals. 'Being in the right mindset' is easier said than done, it takes practise - the most feared word of youth and beyond - and I'm no expert or devout follower, however I think the basic principal should be established from the beginning through to the end of our short time on earth.

So with 'the right mindset' in mind... why would you wish to place sudden rules and restrictions you've thought up while munching down the last remaining turkey sandwich, hastily before the New Years imminent arrival on your post-festive, over-indulged, partied-out body? It's abuse, don't do it. Instead, wait, prepare and build up your mental strength and stability so come February 1st your body has fully recovered, you're revved up and can't wait to get going and hit the ground running. (And most important of all, January is over!) That last one's just my own mini celebration, refer to this post if you're curious.

'Yeah that's all well and good babe but can you walk the talk?' Yes! As I type my legs are so sore they are barely capable of supporting me to sit let alone walk! '...*insert eye popping emoji*...'

So here are my somewhat ridiculous but longterm goals in the hope that next year it'll just be, I don't know, save money to buy a husky dog. **life goal right there**

1) Move back to Australia

2) Abs that rival Kaylas

3) Practise mindfulness

4) Get my head around all the weaving techniques  

5) Master modern calligraphy

6) New music monthly playlists - here's one I made earlier

7) Learn the basics of speaking Japanese - and quickly at that! 

Weave It


In the run up to the end of 2015, I decided, having missed one of my besties birthdays, to challenge myself and get creative - that and the lack of inspiration on the highstreet - and come up with something I'd had in mind to do for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. I did have a teeny tiny experiment prior to the real thing - it's amazing what you can do with an old picture frame serving no particular purpose and a handsaw. The challenge? Teach myself to weave in a matter of weeks - and just for good measure, make the loom on which to do it to boot - in order to create a large-ish wall hanging for my friend.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process - albeit by complete trial and error - sometimes having to take a row or two back, sometimes more or even starting again. Making the loom wasn't very hard and after scrolling around various weaving blog posts, I was confident enough to set out with my needle and yarn. The bigger the better in my eyes, especially when it comes to something I'm unfamiliar with!

The design itself was the main hurdle, I scribbled many different ideas down before settling on 'the one', then set to drawing it to scale - a very long drawn out process... Initially, I thought that from the first row to casting off it would take a day, maximum two. One and a half weeks later, I finally got to the last row and indeed, was quite overcome with glee when I knotted the last couple of warp lengths and packaged the precious item ready to fly to Australia and be delivered to my friend.

Hang loose. Ph. by Jem

January Hues


Images via Pinterest

I recently read a short article about 'list makers'. One comment that stuck was to 'prioritise the worst task first' - genius and finishing up feeling good too! So, inspired by this, I shall start by saying how much I dislike January in England, it's grey, it's cold, it's soggy, it's drab. But I'd hate to come across as a git, so I'll omit any further reasons as to the why for my dislike - as I'm sure I'm not alone on this one. *insert angel emoji* That said, in a parallel universe (the Southern Hemisphere) right now it's damned hot, sunny and non stop fun... in January?! It's not January's fault, he didn't choose for it to be this way, I'm sure.

As a result of this rather dull month, until hibernating is deemed acceptable by the human race, cooped up indoors against the biting cold is how it is. With it, come certain habits that go hand in hand with 'not having much else to do' syndrome. In a bid to stop myself from consuming anymore cheese on toast, call it a test of will, I end up replacing one habit with another and find myself scrolling around and awe-struck by all things colour, clearly attracted to one particular palate that now adorns a Pinterest wall of mine.

On the odd occasion when the sun's out and the sky's blue, that wonderful Winter light happens, which makes a short day seem marginally longer and more importantly, it makes you want to go outside! I'm a sucker for it in truth, it is of course the combination of pastel pinks, baby blues and golden tones as the sun fades on the glass like sea or filter edit of the recent-ish adaptation of Pride and Prejudice - I defy anyone to say Mr Darcy crossing the field in that dawn light isn't brilliant. It seems I just can't help myself, I'm falling for all things pink.

In a bid then to turn it around this January and dwell on the positive, (she types wearing an oversized grey knit, black turtle neck and jeans) surround myself with colour on those overcast, soul destroying days, embrace my love of neon orange and mid-wash blue denim, wear those recently purchased dusty pink joggers with a turquoise knit and become my very own walking sunset and say no to boring in 2016!



Bergen - Stavanger
0.9km or 4km view

I didn't come home once in the three years I spent in Australia. This was partly down to thinking 'it's ok I'll be heading home in June/ when my visa is up/ for my Gran's birthday...' There's nothing to gain in mentioning why I did eventually come home, but luckily it did mean I made it to my nan's birthday.

Australia was and is a wonderful place, I remember a friend recouting her trip before I went, and seemed dumbstruck when saying '...the light there is different, everything shimmers.' and I believe we lost her for 5 minutes while she transported herself back there. It's always stuck as it is just so true. I can't say for definite that that's it for me and Australia, we had a good run and have parted as friends and who knows, maybe I'll be back there for a long spell once again. However, one thing I did miss on this side of the world is the option to jump on a cheap flight to Europe for *insert length of stay* and in particular to my favourite place, Norway.

This trip was even more exciting as, not only did it involve catching up with the family, but after months/years of my friends and total strangers listening to my near hysterical '...guys, GUYS! Look! LOOK! I'm going to go up there!...' I actually did it and hiked up to Preikestolen - Pulpit Rock - and I can't fricking wait to get up there again.




I'm back home, re-adjusted to a slightly cooler (freezing) climate and re-adjusted to a slight change in lifestyle. These are somewhat positive changes (not the climate one) as it is good to reassess from time to time and I have done just that.

I started this blog initially for family and friends to see what I was up to on the other side of the world (that and to record my short stint in WWOOF-ing farm-life) and seems a shame to leave it at that.

While trying to avoid this turning into an online 'Dear diary', rather more a personal resource when in the (distant) years to come, my aged laptop has passed on into the ether, lost my hard drive and forgotten which drawer I stashed my numerous memory sticks in, I can - if I am anything like my grandmother aka 'tech-wizard' - at least 'Google it' as it were. That is motivation enough for me.